Game Theory Conference

City University, June 2001

1 Bird garden, Tsim Sha Tsui

2 Exhibit at a mall

3 Fruit vendors in Mongkok, the most densely populated area in the world

4 Bird market in Mongkok

5 Jade market in Yau Ma Tei

6 Exhibit of old jade

7 Reinhart Selten, Nobel Laureate 1994

8 "How to Play 3x3 Games,"
Nobel lecture

9 Reinhart: "Game theory is to write propositions--not for playing real games!"

10 Eden Yu, Selten


12 Stephen Ching, John Weymark


14 Ken Binmore, Michihiro Kandori

15 James Bergin, Lin Zhou, Binmore

16 ?, Zhou

17 David Schmeidler, Binmore

18 Walter Trockel

19 ?, Binmore

20 Bergens, Kandori

21 Binmore, Schmeidler

22 Buddah in Lantau Island

23 Klaus Ritzberger, Jai Young Choi

24 view from the peak

25 Bank of China

26 Wolfgang Mayer

27 Eden Yu, Mayer, Edwin Lai, Chi Chur Chao

28 Chao

29 Eden Yu

30 Anmin Zhang

31 Peninsula Hotel


33 Kandori, Michel LeBreton

34 Yves (?)

35 Kali Rath

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