Food and Security in the Pacific

Organized by Asian Affairs Center and University of Missouri-Columbia, January 23-25, 2002, Sheraton City Center Hotel, St. Louis, MO..

1 Christian Boessen

2 Randall Ireson

3 Kenneth Schneeberger

4 Scott Rozelle

5 Philip Laney

6 Yang Boo Choe

7 Baoqing Zhao
(First Secretary of PRC Embassy)

8 Tae Jin Kwon, Thomas Payne

9 Rozelle, Brady Deaton

10 Sylvia Rhodes
(Bryan Cave)

11 Terry Weidner

12 Brady Deaton
(UMC provost)

13 Al Nyberg (WB)

14 Francis Tuan

15 Paul Thiers

16 Leonard Guarraia

17 Robert Suettinger

18 Sang Kim

19 Thomas Lumpkin

20 Nam, Choe, Weidner,
Kwon, Kim, Seungkwon You

21 Dr. & Mrs. Choe

22 Christopher Fulcher

23 Sung Wook Nam

24 Thomas Lumpkin

25 Mark Hitt, ?

26 Randolf Ireson

27 Nicolas Giordano

28 Nam, Choi, Choe, Weidner, Kwon, Kim

29 Frederick Crook

30 Marcus Noland

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