Henan Symposium on Development and Institution

   Henan Symposium, Kaifeng (June 29 - 30, 2014)
 Xinhua Gu and Bihong Huang
 Philip Hoffman
 Chi-Chur Chao and Eden Yu
 Keun Lee, Baomin Dong and Peter Egger
 Bihong Huang and Xinhua Gu
 Philip Hoffman and Biung-Ghi Ju
 Eden Yu and Baomin Dong
  Luoyang Museum

 Lex Zhao and his family.

 Bihong Huang and Chi-Chur Chao
 The map shows the location of Erlitou (Erlitou culture spread around this region, 1900 - 1500 BC.)
   Longmen (Locana) Buddha, Luoyang City.

Built in 675 AD.


:Longmen Buddha
 Baomin Dong and Biung-Ghi Ju
 Biung-Ghi and Kwan Choi
 Bihong Huang and Chi-Chur Chao
 Keun Lee
   Bai Ju Yi's Graveyard
 Bai Ju Yi was a renowned poet of the Tang Dynasty.
 Japanese followers
 Bai clan in Korea
   Liu Shaoqi's House
 Liu Shaoqi was under house arrest and died here.
   Henan University old campus
 Bihong Huang, Kenneth Chan and Ding Lu
   Artifacts of the Tang Dynasty


Government Official



Women of the Tang Dynasty apparently enjoyed polo.



Map of the canals built during the Tang and Sui dynasties.


"Get out of Jail" card issued by Wu Zetian (624-705 AD)