Shanghai Conference on Inter-Korean Relations

, Carolan's welcome (sequencer unknown)

May 10-11, 2001, The Shanghai Academy of SocialSciences (SASS).

Participants are from SASS, Korea Economic Institute of America, Korea Institute for International Economic Policy, the Atlantic Council of the United States, and the Korea-America Economic Association.

1 Peter Beck, Zhou Jian-ming

2Yoon Deok-ryong, Peter Beck

3 , Bradley Babson

4 Cheng Yu-jie, Yesook Merrill

5 Piao Jian-yi, Xu Wen-ji

6 Xu, Beck

7 , Joseph Winder

8 Wang Ling-yi

9 Stephen Costello,

10 Yu Xin-tian, Costello, Wang Ling-yi

11 Cheng Yu-jie

12 , Emily Metzgar

13 Merrill, Costello

14 Zhang Ying, Winder

15 Timothy Kraemer, Zhang

16 Kraemer, Winder


18 Costello, Zhang Ting-yan

19 Yoon Young-kwan, Chen Qi-mao

20 Piao, Wang, Xu

21 Wang Shao-pu, Yoon

22 Li Chun-hu, Wang

23 Xu, Zhang

24 Costello, Yoon

25 Zhang Ying, Shi Yuan-hua, Costello

26 Liu Ming, Zhang

27 Xu

28 Liu, Zhang, Yu Shao-hua

29 Zhang, Beck, Cheng

30 Piao, Liu


32 Yoon, Kim Koo, Merrill

33 Costello, Kraemer

34 Kim Koo's calligraphy, Provisional Korean Government, Shanghai, circa 1910

35 Yoon, Piao, Yoon

36 Costello, Merrill, Metzgar, Winder

37 Yu, Merill, Babson

38 Pudong buildings

39 One day in Jade Buddha Temple

40 Reclining Buddha at his deathbed

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