International Conference on Trade and Industrial Economics

1 Chao Sheng Mai, welcoming remark

2 Pei-Chien Lin

3 ?, Hong Hwang

4 program, Tam Kang University

5 Hiroshi Ohta

6 Eden Yu, ?


8 Ping Wang

9 Wen Shwo Fang

10 Eden Yu

11 Been Lon Chen



14 Graduate Students, Dong Hwa University, Hwa Lien, Taiwan

15 PhD students, Dong Hwa University.

16 Tzu Chi (Buddhist) Temple and University

17 Ruby

18 Tzu Chi University

19 Buddha Mosaic in the University

20 bas relief of Master Cheng Yen

21 Hong Hwang, Wei-Wei Lee, Eden Yu

22 Taroko National Park



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