European Economics and Finance Society meeting in Thessaloniki

   June 12-15, 2014
 ?, Theodore Panagiotidis and Thomas Panagiotou
 Eden Yu, Akira Shimada, and Diane and Pasquale Sgro
 Eden Yu
 Eden Yu, Dmitri Asteriou and Pasquale Sgro
 Keshab Battarai and Thedore Panagiotidis
 Shushanta Mallick and Anna Soci
 Ansgar Belke and Keshab Battarai
 Sgro and Alex Thomson and his fiance
 Georgios Chortareas
 Eden Yu
 There must be money on this table.
 Ken West
 Philip Arestis and Pasquale Sgro
 Joscha Beckmann, Georgios Chortareas, Eden Yu
 Henry Thompson
 Keith Pilbeam and Kenneth West
 Alex Thompson
 Asteriou making a point
 Moudatsou and Vulgaris
  Greek Dance
   Aristoteles Square
  Hotel Electra
 Performers in front of Electra
   White Tower
   Gold in Thessaloniki
  Agia Sofia Church
   Roman Walls of Thessaloniki
   The Arch of Galerius
   Rotunda of Galerius
  Souvlaki in the market
   Holy Monastery of Saint Dionysios of Olympos
   Mount Olympus
   Dion, Ancient City of Greece
 Toilets in ancient Dion.

   Museum of Byzantine Culture